Full Version: How To Put On Your 613 Lace Front Wig
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A 613 Blonde Wig adds your hair color. The hair color of most women are black or chocolate brown were you attracted by the lady with golden hair and blue eye. Indeed, if there is a lady like this come across the street, she will be getting more attention. Do you want to have it? The 613 Wig is made from raw human hair collect material. It is partially machine-made and partly hand-tied to a swiss lace base material.

How To Put On Your 613 Blonde Wig?
Step 1. braid your own hair to make it flat, make sure your hair doesn’t come out. Deal your hair is not easy, somebody’s hair is short, it is easy to make it flat, while some others, their hair is long, you need to braid it into a style very easy to wear a wig.

Step 2. wear a cap, fix it. Before you put on the 613 Frontal Wig, please wear a cap net first which makes the wig is natural and comfortable. The cap can protect your own hair from damage.

Step 3. put your wig on your head, adjust the position to fit you properly. You had better use a wig cap with straps, the straps can adjust the size of your wig.

Step 4. after you adjust the position, apply glue on your forehead, use a blow drier to make it dry in a few minutes.

Step 5. press the lace on the proper location, trim the edge of the 613 Lace Front Wig, you can do hairline to make the wig look natural.

Step 6. comb and style the hair. Comb and use wax to make the hair flat. You can use the iron flat at the proper temperature to make other hairstyles.

How To Comb Your 613 Blonde Wig
When you need to comb a mslynn wig,be gently. Do not use a regular brushes. For straight and body wave, wide-tooth-comb are highly recommended. For curly and deep wave, please only use hand to prevent tangle. For stubborn tangles, applying a spray conditioner can help loosen them.

How To Wash Your 613 Blonde Wig
After washing a wig,do not shake it in a towel. Be careful and dry it piece-by-piece. This makes sure that strands of fibers don't fall off. Also,never style your wig while it's wet. Even those wet-to-style hair styles are known to damage your wig.

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