I see the damage output and it's significant
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I see the damage output and it's significant
This is all I can make sense of RuneScape gold at this moment I'm not sure, but they're the majority of the major updates made to the game. If you're looking to find out more about the changes that will be happening in 2014, you can check out this Reddit thread that summarizes everything that happened during RuneFest 2013.

I'm looking to upgrade my weapons for melee. Right now my best is a BGS, which is embarrassing for somebody similar to me. I was originally planning on going for chaotics, but drygores are in a state of collapse and could actually be in my price range.

So I need your advice. Here's a bit about me: I am not a fan of playing dungeoneering. Most of the time, I go on my own since I'm not a fan of teams. This reduces my xp/hr significantly. I currently have around 87k tokens. I've never even gotten 2m xp (which is required for 200k tokens). If I were to be in chaotics, it would require me to get twice as much experience as I've had up to this level. I'm capable of 1.2-1.5m an hour.

Drygores is superior on many fronts, the real question is about money. Can you make enough within the time that drygores degrades to be able to keep up with repairs? If so, can you get your money back and be okay with purchasing them at a loss (due due to the fact that they are soaring in price and are expected to fall in the near future, in anticipation of ANY future melee updates). Prices are a little more stable right now, however I for one haven't yet given up on the drygore craze...

I see the damage output and it's significant I'm not saying it's not however to someone like me who will only be doing the odd slay task per day or perhaps every couple of days, I'm not sure if spending that much money. If you want to buy OSRS GP combat/boss I would suggest going for the big time.

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